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NAMA Facility Call for Projects

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11.02.2021 - Статья

The Ambition Initiative for NAMA Support Project Outlines is open between 12 December 2020 and 31 May 2021.

At the New York Climate Week, the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action Facility (known as the NAMA Facility) announced a new 168 million Euros Ambition Initiative with contributions from the UK and Germany, to support countries with the implementation of their emissions reduction targets as they recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

National governments of developing countries and emerging economies as well as other qualified Applicants are invited to submit NAMA Support Project Outlines.

For further information on the NAMA Facility, means of support available as well as the selection criteria of the NAMA Facility, please consult the General Information Document for the Ambition Initiative that is available here.

For the more detailed information please visit: NAMA

or: nama-facility

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